Bespoke Fabrications

Put simply we will make anything you require from steel, as we proudly say

      “If it can be drawn, it can be made”

Many of our customers know they don’t have to spend days or weeks pondering over solutions for problems, they simply come to us with a concept, or sketch on a discarded envelope or just a few words to describe their requirement and we manage the rest.

From an initial meeting we work with our customers to explore and simplify the design.

Once we agree a concept we will produce a CAD drawing to concur, build a prototype to scale and allow our customers to run with it in their facility to ensure it is fit for purpose, complete any modifications then go into full production for 1 off or 100 off.

We can offer a quick turnaround because everything we do is under one roof, so we can control the flow and ensure your product is right, on time and fit for purpose.

It’s often the simplest solution that solves the most complicated requirement.

Asking for help is positive not negative, “You can do anything, but not everything” – David Allen.

We're here to help and our advice is free - 90% of the new customers we gain each year are from existing customers recommendations.

“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.
Word of mouth is very powerful”
- Jeff Bezos – founder, Amazon.



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